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Participants partner with the office manager, Pat, and gain exposure and experience with basic office management skills, such as collating, folding, and stapling weekly bulletins, applying labels to mailings, and sorting documents.

Participants gain exposure and experience with shipping and receiving skills, such as sorting, packaging, labeling and organizing medical supplies for distribution. 

Lord of the hills 

Plains conservation center

Participants partner with PCC Staff and gain exposure and experience with basic hospitality and landscape maintenance skills, such as wiping down tables, vacuuming, dusting, removing weeds and picking up trash.

The Edwards foundation for Rescued animals

Participants partner with a local animal rescue and gain exposure and experience with basic animal care skills, such as cleaning stalls, brushing animals, feeding/watering animals, walking animals, etc... 

Arc thrift store

Participants partner with other volunteers and ARC staff to gain exposure and experience with retail skills, such as customer interaction, stocking, merchandise display, folding/sorting clothing etc... Skills engaged: Independently starting/finishing tasks, following directions, and working with others.

Salvation army

Participants partner with food bank staff and gain exposure and experience with retail skills, such as customer relations, stocking shelves and bagging items for recipients. 

Tower church

Participants gain exposure and experience with basic hospitality skills, such as vacuuming, dusting, washing windows, mopping, etc..